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Committed To Diversity In The Workplace

We are always looking for energetic, friendly, hard-working people to be part of our team. It takes determined, dedicated people to help keep our brewery and restaurants running smoothly. If you think you’ve got what it takes, please fill out the submission form below. We are always accepting applications for the positions listed below.

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Job Summary

Provide food and beverage service to Appalachian Brewing Company customers.


  • Previous server experience preferred.
  • Must be able to speak and read English.
  • Must be, at a minimum. 18 years of age.
  • Customer service oriented.
  • Neat and clean physical appearance essential.
  • Willingness and ability to work in a team environment.
  • Physical requirements include, but are not limited too, ability to stand for long periods of time; ability to bend, stoop, and reach; and ability to lift 25 pounds.


  • Provide efficient and courteous food and beverage service to all Appalachian Brewing Company customers according to Appalachian Brewing Company policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.
  • Ensures accuracy and consistency of food and beverage orders.
  • Provide cross-coverage for front of house coworkers, including other services, bartenders, and hosts/hostess.

Remain current on Appalachian Brewing Company products, company history, and operations to educate customers. Informs customers about:

  • Upcoming events
  • Retail merchandise
  • Beer to go options
  • Handle cash and credit according to Appalachian Brewing Company policies and procedures.
  • Adheres to Appalachian Brewing Company policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines, and all local, state, and federal laws regarding serving alcohol.
  • Attends server meetings as scheduled and prior to each shift, if applicable.
  • Notifies manager on duty of safety and security violations.
  • Notifies manager on duty of areas/items requiring maintenance.
  • Performs assigned cleaning responsibilities.
  • Maintain cleanliness, sanitation, safety and security of brewpub.
  • Participants in the brewpub quality management program.
  • Notifies the manager on duty of all customer complaints.

Job Summary

Provide timely, accurate and friendly service while preparing the highest quality beverages for our guests as well as creating an exceptional dining experience. Having a complete knowledge of our beer products is a necessary tool for providing our customers with superior service.


  • Punch-in on time and in proper uniform.
  • Report to work in accordance with established appearance standards.
  • Ensure proper organization and sanitation of work areas.
  • Follow all service guidelines set forth in our Service Manual.
  • Take beverage orders from guests and servers.
  • Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks consistent with the ABC’s standard drink recipes.
  • Pour draft beer proficiently with minimal waste or abuse of the beer.
  • Knowledge of the beer draft systems.
  • Learns the names and personally recognize our Mug Club Members.
  • Ring up drink orders accurately and immediately after the receipt into the POS system.
  • Accept guest payment, process credit card charges and make change (if applicable).
  • Maintain cleanliness in all areas of the bar including counters, sinks, utensils, shelves and storage areas.
  • Present drink menus, make recommendations and answer questions regarding beverages.
  • Maintains bottles and glasses in an attractive and functional manner to support efficient drink preparation and promotion of beverages.
  • Prepare garnishes for drinks.
  • Wash and sterilize glassware.
  • Receive and serve food orders to guests seated at the bar.
  • Be ready and willing to assist fellow employees as situations arise.
  • Report all equipment problems and bar maintenance issues to GM.
  • Be available to fill in as needed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant as directed by the restaurant manager or immediate supervisor.
  • Assist the restocking and replenishment of bar inventory and supplies.

Job Summary

Welcome! You are now part of a TEAM dedicated to providing the very finest in dining and courteous service to every customer who walks through the doors. Hospitality is our keynote and “You Can Make A Difference” is our key phrase: both are essential to our continued success.


You are the first person a customer sees; so greet the customer with a smile. The customer’s first impression of our Brewpub is you. All incoming guests must receive a friendly, sincere greeting.


As the Host/Hostess of the “party”, you must make the guest feel welcome. You should provide a cheery greeting, a compliment, and recognize regular customers by name. You should make a each and every guest feel “special”. It is up to you to welcome our guests to the show, and make them feel as ease and welcome. A guest may have had a hard day at the office, and now wants to relax; a guest may be celebrating a special occasion; a guest may be lonely, and want to meet people. Whatever the reason, you are the host, a salesperson, a person with the answers to any and all questions and needs.


You are the life of your party: You must keep your energy level and enthusiasm up, entertain your quests, and make your service special. The excitement of the aroma, the décor, the music, and the lighting are stimulated by your dynamic personality and service.

As the Host/Hostess, you are also the last person the guest will come in contact with. When the customer leaves, the door should be opened, the customer thanked, and invited to return. Provide the guest with a good last impression of our Restaurant.


Our Hosts/Hostesses are successful because of TEAMWORK. In order for a team to function effectively, it must be guided by certain basic principles to which you will be expected to adhere to.


Remember, you set the mood for the guest. The smiles you put on people’s faces through your dealings with them – whether answering the phone, greeting, saying goodnight, or answering questions – can “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.



  • Host/Hostess is responsible for assigned side work, including but not limited to: cleaning, organization and administrative support.

Job Summary

Accurately and efficiently cook meats, fish, vegetables, soups and other hot food as well as prepare and portion food products prior to cooking. Also perform other duties in the areas of food and final plate preparation including plating and garnishing of cooked items and preparing appropriate garnishes for all hot and cold menu item plates.


  • Punch-in on time and in proper uniform.
  • Ensure proper organization and sanitation of work areas.
  • Report to work in accordance with established appearance standards.
  • Prepares a variety of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables and other food items for cooking in broilers, ovens, grills, fryers and a variety of other kitchen equipment.
  • Knows and complies consistently with our standard portion sizes, cooking methods, quality standards and kitchen rules, policies and procedures.
  • Stocks and maintains sufficient levels of food products at line stations to assure a smooth service period.
  • Portions food products prior to cooking according to standard portion sizes and recipe specifications.
  • Maintains a clean and sanitary work station area including tables, shelves, grills, broilers, fryers, sauté burners, convection oven, deck oven, flat top range and refrigeration equipment.
  • Prepares item for broiling, grilling, frying, sautéing, or other cooking methods by portioning, battering, breading, seasoning and/or marinating.
  • Follows proper plate presentation and garnish set up for all dishes.
  • Handles, stores and rotates all products according properly.
  • Assists in food prep assignments during off-peak periods as needed.
  • Be ready and willing to assist fellow employees as situations arise.
  • Closes the kitchen properly and follows the closing checklist for kitchen stations. Assists others in closing the kitchen.
  • Be available to fill in as needed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant as directed by the kitchen manager or restaurant manager.
  • Assumes 100% responsibility for quality of products served.
REPORTS TO: Restaurant Manager and General Manager
UNIFORM: ABC issued shirt and black pants
HOURS: As scheduled according to business demands (weekends and holidays).


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Courteous and pleasant attitude.
  • Ability to communicate and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Provide a neat and professional appearance at all times.
  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 8 hours) in a warm working environment.
  • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Must have the stamina to work 40 or more hours per week.


Directly responsible for providing exceptional service and quality products to guests with a pleasant attitude, product knowledge and awareness of sales goals.


  • Report to work in accordance with established appearance standards.
  • Ensure proper cleanliness, organization and stocking of work areas.
  • Maintain RAMP certification
  • Ensure that all guests receive exceptional service as outlined in company policy
  • Provide knowledge about food, beverage products, and events
  • Ensure guest deliverables are to the highest standard and if not, take immediate corrective action
  • Responsible for adhering to appropriate cleaning schedules
  • Responsible for daily and weekly side work
  • Other duties as defined by the Restaurant Manager and General Manager.
I have read and understand all the responsibilities for the position of Server. I agree to adhere to and perform to the best of my ability the responsibilities for this position. I understand that this job description is subject to change by Appalachian Brewing Company.
JOB: Assistant Restaurant Manager
REPORTS TO: General Manager and Assistant General Manager
UNIFORM: As selected by Appalachian Brewing Company specifications
HOURS: As scheduled according to business demands.


Responsible for front of house operations including but not limited to guest services and satisfaction, staff management and training, cleanliness, and inventory to achieve company standards in sales, costs, employee retention and quality.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Courteous and pleasant attitude.
  • Restaurant experience of at least one year
  • Ability to communicate and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to lead and organize staff, labor and food costs
  • Have knowledge of food and beverage service and production.
  • Provide a neat and professional appearance at all times.
  • Possess excellent math skills, computer skills and have the ability to operate a POS system.
  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 8 hours).
  • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Must have the stamina to work 45 or more hours per week.


  • Report to work in accordance with established appearance standards.
  • Maintain certification in Serve Safe and RAMP Programs as required by PA Law
  • Understand completely all policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines and training programs.
  • Ensure that all guests feel welcome and are given responsive, friendly and courteous service at all times.
  • Ensure front of house employees adhere to all schedules.
  • Control cash and other receipts by handling and reconciliation procedures in accordance with restaurant policies and procedures.
  • Fill in where needed to ensure guest service standards and efficient operations.
  • Ensure that all equipment is kept clean and kept in excellent working condition through personal inspection and by following the company’s preventative maintenance programs.
  • Achieve company objectives in sales, service, quality, appearance of facility and sanitation and cleanliness through training of employees and creating a positive, productive working environment.
  • Ensure that all cleanliness and sanitation guidelines are being enforced.
  • Fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county and municipal regulations that pertain to health, safety, PLCB, and labor requirements of the company, employees and guests.
  • Other duties as defined by the Board of Directors, Director of Operations and General Manager.