Hexbelt has the ability to cut across political, social, and economic boundaries to reach the masses. A peer in a crowd at a Hexbelt show would reveal a cross section of society, with baby boomers, neo-hippies, punks, blue collars, yuppies and the like; all jamming together as one. Hexbelt truly is a unique band in an age of increasingly generic modern music. Penman /singer /guitarist Dann Ottemiller, guitarist Gus Aguirre, drummer Tony Aguirre, bassist Neal Kreider, and sound engineer Kenny Dunlap. Ottemiller’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics, delivered in a husky drawl and loping, lustyrap, come straight from the soul. The biting philosophical, psychological, political, social and sexual commentary of his songs comes across in cryptically coded messages allowing the listener multiple interpretations. His unique rhythmic approach on guitar fattens up and battens down the band’s full sound as well.

Tickets: $8

April 19 @ 8:00 PM
8:00 pm — 12:00 am (4h)

The Abbey Bar