Appalachian Craft Soda

Appalachian Craft Soda is small-batch brewed to the highest standards using only the finest ingredients. We use natural sweeteners like pure cane sugar, stevia and honey for legendary flavor in every sip! Naturally gluten-free and caffeine-free, you’ll feel good every time you share our products with friends and family of all ages!

  • Appalachian Root Beer

    Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case Our original Root Beer is brewed with pure cane sugar, a touch of vanilla and a delightful blend of honey. Truly tastes like old fashioned, home made root beer thanks to wholesome ingredients. Appalachian Root Beer is a caffeine and gluten free craft soda. We hope […]

  • Appalachian Diet Root Beer

    Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case Our handcrafted Diet Root Beer is brewed like our regular root beer except with Stevia, an all natural sweetener, and a touch of honey! Appalachian Diet Root Beer is a caffeine and gluten-free craft soda. We’re proud to say that the taste is fantastic and all […]

  • Appalachian White Birch Beer

    Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case Our tremendously flavorful, handcrafted Birch Beer is brewed with pure cane sugar, a touch of honey and essence of birch extracts giving this soda a smooth and distinctive flavor. Appalachian Birch Beer is a caffeine and gluten-free craft soda with no artificial flavors or colors to […]

  • Appalachian Ginger Beer

    Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case Our Jamaican style Ginger Beer is brewed with pure Appalachian water, cane sugar and fresh ginger extract. It has an unrivaled spicy tart complexity with a nice ginger bite. Appalachian Ginger Beer is a caffeine and gluten-free craft soda. This traditional island drink is great on […]

We also offer a wider selection of Appalachian Craft Soda varieties in our brewpubs!

All of our craft soda products are also available in a syrup form, in an industry standard Bag-In-Box (BIB) package, perfect for adding flavor to your restaurant soda fountain system. To learn more, or order a BIB package of our soda, CLICK HERE!

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Check Out Our Bottling Facility!

Want to see how we make your favorite soda? Enjoy this video —–>

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Our Appalachian Craft Soda production facility located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


Where to Buy Appalachian Craft Soda:

We’re proud to partner with fine markets and retail partners across the Mid-Atlantic region to offer our flavorful varieties of Appalachian Craft Soda! For more information on where you can purchase our products, look for a store close to you. (Please check with local store for product selection and availability. If they don’t have it yet, ask them to get it!)

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Order Appalachian Craft Soda on Ebay!

No matter where you are, we’ll be happy to ship you our product via Ebay!

Please note that this service is only available between the months of March and December, to prevent freezing of product during shipment.

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Want to carry our line of Appalachian Craft Soda in your business?

If you own a business in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, South Carolina and beyond – our products can be ordered through our quality Wholesale partners today! Are you a wholesaler interested in offering Appalachian Craft Soda to your retail customers? Please email to learn more!

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