Flagship & Specialty Beers

Appalachian Brewing Company Craft Beer

Appalachian Brewing Company offers a variety of Flagship beers you can enjoy year-round on draft and in 12oz. bottles.

In addition, we release a new Seasonal Specialty beer around the first week of each month, as well as dozens of small-batch specialty beers brewed at our various brewpub locations throughout the year.

Below is a complete list of Flagship and Seasonal Specialties* for 2015!

* Seasonal Specialty schedule is tentative, and is subject to changes due to availability of ingredients and production restrictions.




Hoppy Trails India Pale Ale (I.P.A.)

OG: 15 | ABV 6.2 | IBUs: 63

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case

This every day, drinkable American style IPA is a favorite wherever it is served. Brewed with a blend of Millennium, Amarillo and Centennial hops, this IPA can satisfy the “Hop Head” in many of us with its floral aromas, rich malt bill and golden copper hues.




Water Gap Wheat Ale

OG: 11.5 | ABV: 4.9 | IBUs: 15

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case

This light and refreshing American style wheat beer is brewed with a high percentage of malted wheat and pours with a hazy unfiltered glow. Natural citrus-like notes are complemented by a slice of lemon traditionally served on the side of the glass.



Mountain Lager

OG: 12.5 | ABV: 5.3 | IBUs: 24

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case

This crisp lager is brewed in the Dortmunder Export style with all the flavor of its German heritage. This golden bonde beer’s moderate hop palate results in a mellow finish. Our brewers have developed this beer as a tribute to the Appalachian Mountains where we live and play.




“Jolly Scot” Scottish Ale

OG: 14.5 | ABV: 5.5 | IBUs: 18

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case

A rich amber color and deep layers of natural malt flavor make this a great session beer. Brewed with a complex blend of distinct caramel style malts and light hop additions, this ale is sweet and toasty on the palate, and smooth to the finish.


Aero-Head Bock

Aero-Head Bock

OG: 15.6 |  ABV: 7 | IBUs: 25

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case
A German-style bock beer with personality! Aero-Head bock is semi-sweet with bold upfront flavor and a light hoppiness. This dark copper lager is rich and toasty, yet finishes with a delightful crispness. Enjoy this high flying goat! It’ll kick you right in your Landing Zone!

Outta Focus Double IPA

Outta Focus Double IPA

OG: 19 | ABV: 8 | IBUs: 80

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case

Outta Focus Double IPA is brewed in the true Pacific Northwest style with expansive amounts of Pilgrim, Styrian and Cascade hops. Pleasingly bitter, floral and complex, our brewers take this beer to the next level with generous dry hop additions of Simcoe and Cascade hops.


Chocolate Avenue Stout

Chocolate Avenue Stout

OG: 14 | ABV 5.3 | IBUs: 19

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case

Chocolate Avenue Stout is the perfect blend  of dry stout enhanced with sweet chocolate.  The abundance of roasted barley and chocolate malt provide a deep dark color and rich robust flavor. The use of subtle hopping allows the chocolate and espresso flavors to shine.


Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale


Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale

OG: 13.5 | ABV: 6.9 | IBUs: 30

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz. bottles per case

An American style brown ale with shades of natural maple! Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale gets its deep amber color and smooth roasted caramel flavors from our unique blend of malts, while the addition of maple offers sweetness and aroma. Balanced with ample hop bitterness, you’ll discover bold flavors in every direction!


Seasonal Specialty Beers

* Seasonal Specialty schedule is tentative, and is subject to changes due to availability of ingredients and production restrictions.

January: Introducing our NEW Flagship lineup!

Aero-Head BockOutta Focus Double IPA Chocolate Avenue Stout Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale







Aero-Head Bock, Outta Focus Double IPA and Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale are new for 2015! Enjoy this expanded selection of ABC craft beers year round as we introduce them to our brewpubs during the months of January and February. Coming soon, purchase these beers individually bottled by the case, or in our new Craft Collection variety case!

February: Zoigl Star Lager

OG 14.0 | ABV 5.9 | IBUs 19

Available on Draft

This unfiltered golden lager was once brewed only in the eastern region of Bavaria. The six-sided Zoigl Star represents earth, air, fire, water, malt and hops.

March: Celtic Knot Irish Red Ale

OG: 12.7 | ABV: 4.8 | IBUs: 25

Available on Draft

This buoyant red ale is brewed with sweet, toffee-like malt. It finishes crisp and clean with medium hoppiness like the great red ales of Dublin.

Anniversary Maibock

OG: 18.5 | ABV: 7.2 | IBUs: 20

Available on Draft

This malty lager features deep golden color and medium body. The finish is sweet with subtle hop flavor and aroma. We brew this beer each season to celebrate ABC’s Anniversary month.

Mad_Cameron_Tap_144_x_200May: Mad Cameron Belgian Wit

OG: 12.5 | ABV: 5.5 | IBUs: 16

Available on Draft

A hint of coriander and orange peel in the nose complements the typical white beer fruitiness. A dry and slightly acidic finish adds balance to an elevated effervescence.

June: Hinterland Hefe Weizen

OG: 13.2 | ABV: 5.3 : IBUs: 19

Available on Draft

This light-bodied wheat ale uses special yeast (called “hefe”) to produce clove and banana flavors in fermentation. This unfiltered beer has an incredibly spicy and fruity complexity.

July: Volks Weizenbock

OG: 16.5 | ABV: 7.2 | IBUs: 24

Available on Draft

Known as “The People’s Beer,” this brew is robust in character and flavor. It combines the malty component of a bock bier with the tangy spiciness of a Hefe Weizen.


Greenaway Farm Fresh Hop Pale AleAugust: Greenaway Farm Fresh Hop Pale Ale

OG: 12.5 | ABV: 5 | IBUs: 21

Available on Draft

We harvest fresh PA grown hops straight from the vine and use them in every stage of the brewing process to achieve this beer’s grassy complexity in flavor and aroma. Want to see how it was made? Check out this video: http://youtu.be/_s3kW7uQ21M

Kipona Fest LagerAugust: Kipona Fest Lager

OG: 13.5 | ABV: 5.2 | IBUs: 20

Available on Draft

This Oktoberfest style Marzen is a favorite at the famous Bavarian fall beer festivals. The distinct toasted malt flavor of this amber lager finishes quite crisp due to the extensive lagering of this beer. One sip and you’ll swear you’re in Munich.

“Kipona” is the Indian word for “sparkling water”. Each year, over Labor Day weekend, Harrisburg celebrates Kipona with a carnival and festival along the Susquehanna River and on City Island.



September: Rutty Buck Pumpkin Ale

OG: 12 | ABV: 6.2 | IBUs: 32

Available on Draft

This Fall favorite begins with additions of real pumpkin, which is carmelized to enhance the natural sugars. Not overly spiced, the fresh pumpkin is the star of the show.

October: Batch No. 666 Halloween Beer

OG: 19.5 | ABV: 7.7 | IBUs: 61

Available on Draft

Our Halloween beer is brewed with 1,666lbs of malt and three 6lb. additions of hops! this sneaky dark bronze brew finishes clean and smooth. Sorry – the devil made us do it!

November: Grinnin’ Grizzly Holiday Spiced Ale

OG: 14 | ABV: 5.7 | IBUs: 18

Available on Draft

Perfect for the holidays, this amber ale is dosed with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and fresh orange zest. It is well balanced with a light hop flavor and mild spiciness at the end.

December: Pennypacker Porter

OG: 14 | ABV: 5.4 | IBUs: 26

Available on Draft

This dark colored, full-bodied dry cousin of the stout has a slight roast flavor. We name it for former Pennsylvania Governor Samuel Pennypacker, who oversaw the construction of our lavish state Capitol, just a few blocks away from our original Harrisburg brewery.