Seasonal Specialty Brews

  • Zoigl Star Lager

    OG: 14.0 | ABV: 5.9 | IBUs: 19 Zoigl Star is a golden, unfiltered lager. This particular style of beer was originally brewed only in the region of Eastern Bavaria between Franconia and the Czech Republic. The Zoigl Star symbol itself dates back to the middle ages, when this six-angular shape similar to the Star […]

  • Celtic Knot Irish Red Ale

    OG: 12.7 | ABV: 4.8 | IBUs: 25 Available in Draft This buoyant red ale is brewed with sweet, toffee-like malt. It finishes crisp and clean with medium hoppiness like the great red ales of Dublin.

  • Anniversary Maibock

    OG: 18.5 | ABV: 7.2 | IBUs: 20 Available in Draft This malty lager features deep golden color and medium body. The finish is sweet with subtle hop flavor and aroma. We brew this beer each season to celebrate ABC’s Anniversary month.

  • Mad Cameron Belgian Wit

    OG: 12.5 | ABV: 5.5 | IBUs: 16 Available in Draft A hint of coriander and orange peel in the nose complements the typical white beer fruitiness. A dry and slightly acidic finish adds balance to an elevated effervescence.

  • Hinterland Hefe Weizen

    OG: 13.2 | ABV: 5.3 | IBUs: 19 .  Available in Draft This light-bodied wheat ale uses special yeast (called “hefe”) to produce clove and banana flavors in fermentation. This unfiltered beer has an incredibly spicy and fruity complexity.

  • Folks Weizenbock

    OG: 16.5 | ABV: 7.2 | IBUs: 24 .  Available in Draft Known as “The People’s Beer,” this brew is robust in character and flavor. It combines the malty component of a bock bier with the tangy spiciness of a Hefe Weizen. Peace, man!

  • Kipona Fest Lager

    OG: 13.5 | ABV: 5.2 | IBUs: 20 Available in draft This Oktoberfest style Marzen is a favorite at the famous Bavarian fall beer festivals. The distinct toasted malt flavor of this amber lager finishes quite crisp due to the extensive lagering of this beer. One sip and you’ll swear you’re in Munich. “Kipona” is […]

  • Greenaway Farm Fresh Hop Pale Ale

    OG: 12.5 | ABV: 5 | IBUs: 21 .  Available in Draft We harvest fresh Nugget Hops straight from Sunny Brae Hops from Newville, PA and use them in every stage of the brewing process to achieve this beer’s grassy complexity in flavor and aroma. Want to see how it was made? Check out this video: […]

  • Rutty Buck Pumpkin Ale

    OG: 12 | ABV: 6.2 | IBUs: 32 .  Available in Draft This Fall favorite begins with additions of real pumpkin, which is carmelized to enhance the natural sugars. Not overly spiced, the fresh pumpkin is the star of the show.

  • Batch No. 666 Halloween Beer

    OG: 19.5 | ABV: 7.7 | IBUs: 61 .  Available in Draft Our Halloween beer is brewed with 1,666 lbs of malt and three 6lb. additions of hops! this sneaky dark bronze brew finishes clean and smooth. Sorry – the devil made us do it!

  • Grinnin’ Grizzly Holiday Spiced Ale

    OG: 14 | ABV: 5.7 | IBUs: 18 .  Available in Draft Perfect for the holidays, this amber ale is dosed with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and fresh orange zest. It is well balanced with a light hop flavor and mild spiciness at the end.

  • Pennypacker Porter

    OG: 14 | ABV: 5.4 | IBUs: 26 .  Available in Draft This dark colored, full-bodied dry cousin of the stout has a slight roast flavor. We name it for former Pennsylvania Governor Samuel Pennypacker, who oversaw the construction of our lavish state Capitol, just a few blocks away from our original Harrisburg brewery.

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