Appalachian Brewing Company Craft Beer

Appalachian Brewing Company offers a variety of Flagship beers you can enjoy year-round on draft and in 12oz. bottles.

In addition, we release a new Seasonal Specialty beer on the first Friday of every month, as well as dozens of small-batch specialty beers brewed at our various brewpub locations throughout the year.

Below is a complete list of Flagship brews! Please CLICK HERE for Seasonal Specialty Brews.

  • Aero-Head Bock

    OG: 15.8 | FG: 2.8 | ABV: 7% | IBUs: 25 Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case A German-style bock beer with personality! Aero-Head Bock is semi-sweet with bold upfront flavor and a light hoppiness. This dark copper lager is rich and toasty, yet finishes with a delightful crispness. Enjoy this high […]

  • Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale

    OG: 15.9 | FG: 3.5 | ABV: 6.73% | IBUs: 30 Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case An American style brown ale with shades of natural maple! Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale gets its deep amber color and smooth roasted caramel flavors from our unique blend of malts, while the addition of […]

  • Chocolate Avenue Stout

    OG: 13.5 | FG: 4.0 | ABV: 5.1% | IBUs: 19 Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case Chocolate Avenue Stout is the perfect blend  of dry stout enhanced with sweet chocolate.  The abundance of roasted barley and chocolate malt provide a deep dark color and rich robust flavor. The use of subtle […]

  • Outta Focus Double IPA

    OG: 18 | FG: 3.2 | ABV: 8% | IBUs: 80 Available year round on draft and in 12oz. bottles. Outta Focus Double IPA is brewed in the true Pacific Northwest style, featuring expansive amounts of Pilgrim, Millenium, Styrian and Cascade hops. Pleasingly bitter, floral and complex, our brewers take this beer to the next […]

  • Water Gap Wheat Ale

    OG: 11 | FG: 2.0 | ABV: 4.78% | IBUs: 15   Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case This light and refreshing American style wheat beer is brewed with a high percentage of malted wheat and pours with a hazy unfiltered glow. Natural citrus-like notes are complemented by a slice of lemon […]

  • Mountain Lager

    OG: 12.5 | FG: 2.7 | ABV: 5.24% | IBUs: 16  Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case This crisp lager is brewed in the Dortmunder Export style with all the flavor of its German heritage. This golden blonde beer’s moderate hop palate results in a mellow finish. Our brewers have developed this […]

  • Hoppy Trails IPA (India Pale Ale)

    OG: 14.5 | FG: 2.4 | ABV 6.5% | IBUs: 63 Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case This every day, drinkable American style IPA is a favorite wherever it is served.  Our brewers begin with a blend of CTZ, Zythos, Citra and Centennial hops, then finish with a dry hop blend of […]

  • “Jolly Scot” Scottish Style Ale

    OG: 14.5 | FG: 3.5 | ABV: 5.94% | IBUs: 18 Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case A rich amber color and deep layers of natural malt flavor make this a great session beer. Brewed with a complex blend of distinct caramel style malts and light hop additions, this ale is sweet and […]

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